Bum Genius 4.0 VS 3.0

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The big buzz in the cloth diaper world today has got to be the buzz about the new Bum Genius 4.0.  If you missed the announcement watch this video-mercial -

Yes, I was one of the thousands (yes, seriously thousands) of people who anxiously waited for 2pm CT today to be the first to see the new Bum Genius 4.0 on YouTube.  I have to be ‘in the know’ – you know?!?!  Now that I’ve had time to process the announcement here are my initial thoughts – GENIUS!

Why?  The announcement alone was a pretty brilliant marketing plan.  They’ve been talking about the changes just long enough to get everyone worried about loosing the BG 3.0 that inventory at most retailers is now low – making room for the 4.0.  I haven’t yet heard of any retailers selling out of the 3.0 yet but I’m sure that will be coming soon.  Secondly, they announced the release on YouTube where they had absolutely zero followers.  As I write this they have 985 subscribers to their YouTube channel and their video has been viewed 1,435 times – which actually seems pretty low to me – I’m not sure if that counts all of the views on Facebook and places like here.  Regardless – everyone was excited (or nervous) to see the new changes.

What’s new? 
1.  New improved hook and loop system that is suppose to outlast the current hook and loop system.  My biggest complaint is that at about one year of use my hook and loop was shot.  I’m still able to use it but I end up with horrible diaper chains in the laundry.  (Which in case you are wondering – keep the tabs attached to the front when you wash and they will stay attached better.)
2.  Replaceable elastic in the legs.  Honestly – I know mine is weaker than it use to be but it still works.  I guess this would be a great feature if you plan on reusing your stash for a second (or more) child.
3.  Bigger size to fit a chunkier baby.  I can say that a one-sized diaper is difficult to fit ALL babies ALL the time.  At the age of almost 18 months we are already on the largest setting BUT I feel pretty confident that they will fit Lil’ B until she is potty trained.  (She’s currently about 25lbs)
4.  Three new pastel colors.  OK – most people actually say the colors are a letdown.  There are two sides to the story – 1) most of us (cloth diaper addicts) like bright colors and prints - variety, and 2) as stated on the Bum Genius Facebook Page -  “All the new colors are straight off the fashion runways this summer! You may even be able to buy nail polish to match your baby’s new diapers.”  AND it was added later in the day that the bright colors are coming BACK!
5.  By far the biggest announcement of the day – BG 4.0 in SNAPS!  That’s right – they will feature a similar snap system as the Flip’s currently have (which I LOVE!).  I think most of us were hoping for a snap option – so great job!

My personal thoughts? 
I’m extremely excited to see most of the original features present in the new release.  I think many of us were worried about loosing those features that first turned us on to cloth diapering.  I have a good friend of mine who just finished her baby registry for #3 (first in cloth) and when she heard 3.0s were being phased out she was nervous.  What I told her today (post release) is that she shouldn’t change her registry list.  She’s due at the end of July for starters – 4.0′s don’t come out for a few more weeks (and that’s if they don’t sell out).  Right now she can use the Buy 5 Get 1 Free offer at most retailers and save some money.  The 4.0 is the same price so if she doesn’t get her full stash at her shower then she can order the 4.0′s later.  Her primary goal in making the switch to cloth is a financial reason – so why not stock up and save while you can. 

What else would I like to see?
-I would like to see BG  make a newborn diaper like Rump-a-Rooz Lil’ Joey’s OR offer a two-part system like Thirsties Duo.  I personally like the one-size feature so I would prefer a lesser expensive newborn diaper option. 
-I would like to see more colors and maybe a few prints.  But – color didn’t ever enter into my decision when I first invested in cloth – I actually purchased quite a bit of white diapers. 

Was the all the hype worth it?  Personally – I think Bum Genius did the release right.  The sparked everyone’s interest, they had to see an increase in sales of old stock, they have tons of pre-orders already (direct and wholesale orders), and they now have a huge following in yet another social media market – YouTube.  Sure the changes weren’t overly drastic – most of us could have guessed the snaps option - and sure their website crashed (they are still a small business - who’s server wouldn’t crash?) – no one is perfect.  Just watching Jenn and Elsie (whom for some reason I feel like I know – yet I’ve never met or talked to them aside from online) actually made me shed a tiny tear of excitement for a mom who continues to make her dreams come true.  What’s not to love about that? 

What did you think?  Will you (or have you) purchase a 4.0 to add to your stash?  What was your favorite (or least favorite) new feature?  If you are new to cloth diapers will you stock up on 3.0′s or wait for the 4.0′s?   

Disclosure: None needed and no, I haven’t seen the new 4.0 either – not yet!

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7 Responses to Bum Genius 4.0 VS 3.0

  1. Erin P says:

    The BG OS 3.0 are what got me back into cloth diapering with my now 14 month old. I tried with fitteds and covers w/ my 6 1/2 yr old and failed miserably. So I loved the BG's until recently when I became fed up with the aplix and became unsure that they'd fit through PLing. They've added snaps, and adjusted the fit, my two big beefs, so I'm happy! I'm going to ignore the elastic issue since it hasn't affected me yet, but accessibility will be nice when elastic needs to be replaced. Who cares about the colors… Not ordering a bunch, but as of recently I have two in diapers so a good excuse to order a few :)

  2. simplymerry says:

    I was waiting/hoping for them to release a snap version of their one-size. The velcro is the main reason I haven't tried it yet (and I love their Flip and AIO organic).

  3. Nikki says:

    No, can't say I'm getting on the bandwagon for this one. If the inner lining is still suedecloth – no way my kid can wear 'em. We started out with BG 3.0s and although they fit well, we had major issues with the microfiber inserts (stinkies!) that we don't get with any other microfiber inserts, then the velcro wears pretty fast and THEN the reaction of suedecloth to my Cubby's bum bum… we called it quits with BGs. At long last, it's good to see they have the snaps option – they seem to be behind just a little bit of all the other big manufacturers on that one.

  4. Thanks for your review! I have the AIO organic 3.0, and I need a few more, maybe I'll try the 4.0. I just don't know how I feel about the pocket.

  5. Thanks for your review! I have the AIO organic 3.0, and I need a few more, maybe I’ll try the 4.0. I just don’t know how I feel about the pocket.

  6. WhitneyR says:

    I've been using the Thirsties pockets for our “going out” diaper of choice. Just got a BG 3.0, but haven't tried it yet (literally finished the final “prewash” today). The only thing that worries me before even trying it is the lack of double leg-gusset. I will probably get a 4.0 too… although I still love fitteds with Blueberry covers the very most. :)

  7. WhitneyR says:

    I’ve been using the Thirsties pockets for our “going out” diaper of choice. Just got a BG 3.0, but haven’t tried it yet (literally finished the final “prewash” today). The only thing that worries me before even trying it is the lack of double leg-gusset. I will probably get a 4.0 too… although I still love fitteds with Blueberry covers the very most. :)

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