What is the strangest cloth diaper converstation you’ve ever had?

After you read today’s post I REALLY want to hear your stories – leave your comments below so we can all laugh along together!

For my day job I frequently have to travel around the country and I tend to spend A LOT of time in airports on those days.  Yesterday was no different – I left my house at 5:30 AM and didn’t get home until almost 10:30 PM.  With my little ones I hate to stay overnight if I don’t have to.  As I’m sure you can all relate most people I encounter have never seen a MODERN cloth diaper and have the old fashioned pre-folds and pins in their heads when I mention them.  Unless I’m around someone who has a baby or is pregnant I really try NOT to reveal that side of me too much because I know (that while I know it seems like we ALL talk about cloth diapers) the majority of Americans don’t really like to talk about DIAPERS!  We are rare folks who actually enjoy talking about fluff, inserts, fabrics, styles, washing, traveling, and sorting our diapers.  Most people prefer to use them and toss them and NOT talk about them – after all who really wants to talk about disposable diapers anyways?

Back to my story – yesterday I actually entered into the cloth diaper conversation with 2 people at work (who don’t have babies – both have older kids) and one person on an airplane.  The man on the plane and I struck up a conversation about what we do for work which lead to lots of talk about the environment.  That naturally lead to me revealing my secret identity – The Eco Chic.  It’s actually quite amusing to begin a conversation about being a mommy blogger – never mind a cloth diapering, natural parenting mommy blogger – especially with a young (and quite nice looking) man on an airplane.  Funny story though – he and his wife are trying to conceive and may be pregnant right now at this very moment!  We talked all about cloth diapering, blogging, Twitter, BPA, phthalates, Food Inc, organics, EWG, and SOOO much more.  Seems he’s from California and he’s actually already heard about many of the natural parenting topics that I write about ALL THE TIME!  Anyways – as a (hopefully) soon to be daddy – now he knows all about cloth diapers and has a new place to visit (ok – his wife does) on the Internet to find answers.   

Last week I spoke about cloth diapers with a few other people I work with – one of which has a sister who is expecting twins (who is NOW completely excited about learning more!).  A few weeks ago I spent several hours with a friend from church (who is expecting #3) going over ALL the fluffy details about how to pick the right cloth diaper for her family. 

It seems that everywhere I go now I find myself talking FLUFF – and people are listening!

Of course my friends whom I love ohhhhh so dearly (my BFFs in real life) no longer have babies so they think I’m a little wacky!  Last Thursday night we spent several hours laughing at all my fluffy talk, the names of cloth diapering blogs (for some reason the title The Cloth Diaper Whisperer seemed quite amusing to them), the mommy blog drama that exists, which cloth diapering brands/companies I like and don’t like, the drama that exists in the cloth diapering world between the brands (oh I wish I knew all the stories), breastfeeding (extended bfing to them is odd), Twitter parties, and blogging conferences – I’m sure you can all relate!  Then it dawned on me last night after reading a few tweets from some friends – WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WHEN Lil’ B is POTTY TRAINED and WEENED?  What am I going to talk about then?  She’s our last baby so there won’t be another addition to our family.  I guess I will always be an expert on what I know NOW – but things will continue to change and new brands and products will be revealed.  Only time will tell.

So what about you?  Do you talk fluff all the time?  Who is the strangest person you’ve talked fluff with?  Tell me your funny stories – I want to know!  What about your real life friends (and family) – do they enjoy your fluffy addictions?  Or do they (lovingly) laugh at with you? 

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  1. says

    My uncle is adopting 3 kids (2 will be in diapers). I sent them a long email talking all about cloth and all the advantages and so forth…never heard back from him. Bet he thinks I'm a bit loony now, lol.

  2. Missyrm007 says

    You need to find some new BFFs (not to be confused with iBFFs) because they sound unsupportive. How awful that they laugh about your love for all thing cloth diapers. :)

  3. says

    Oh, most everyone I know IRL thinks I'm looney. Even the ONE Mommy friend I met in our group that CDs, she's no where NEAR the level that I am when it comes to talking fluff. Even my DH is unsupportive but he does them (with MUCH complaining might I add).

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