Eco Mom Twitter Parties

Have you heard? Eco Mom Media is throwing some great Twitter Parties

What the heck is a Twitter Party?  Well first, it’s on Twitter!  Secondly, it’s a bunch of people talking about a certain topic for one hour at a set date/time.  Lastly, it’s a chance to win some AWESOME prizes from Eco Mom Media and sponsors. 

So where can you find out more about this great parties?  Eco Mom Media of course!  In case you missed the announcement, I am Eco Mom Media

Upcoming events:

4/15: #WearMyBaby with @FranklinGoose.  Prizes include gift certificates to Franklin Goose and a baby carrier of your choice.

4/22: (Earth Day) #GetRealDiapers is the BIG event to share cloth diapers with ANY parent with a baby in diapers.  Learn how cloth diapers are making a come back!  They aren’t what you remember from your Grandma and mom!  Register to win a Flip Ultra HD camcorder and many cloth diaper packages!

4/29: #DiaperShops is celebrating the 9th Anniversary of Kelly’s Closet with another great cloth diaper party!  Diaper Shops is giving away lots of cloth diapers AND an iPad! (Oh yeah…an iPad baby)!!!!

5/6: Help me welcome #BumEssentials to the world of cloth diapering with the Bumbino, the Bum Pad, and the Bum Bag. 

All parties begin at 9pm ET and occur on Twitter!  For all the details on prizes, sponsors and how to register please visit Eco Mom Media!  Tweet you over there!

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2 Responses to Eco Mom Twitter Parties

  1. Wife says:

    I joined the babywearing party last night! My first and it was great!

    Following you from Cloth Diapering Bloggers. =)

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