Earth Hour Retrospective 2010

It’s now almost 10am and our local Earth Hour has just finished. Gearing up for Earth Hour this year was different this year since we aren’t at home (with family). At 8 pm we finally put the kids in the bath and hoped they would be done by 8:30.

A few minutes before we made them clean their room (mostly for safety reasons) before we turned off the lights. The baby fell asleep a few minutes before lights out. The older kids (we’re with family) decided to get their tent out and make a fort. A few blankets and they were happy.

My nephew had a tantrum and ended up asleep before long and my SIL and I were left to entertain my son. In actuality he entertained us! We let the wine pour and laughed at his antics.

I found out that his favorite school lunch is corn dogs and egg salad! (not together!). With the baby I haven’t found much to talk about his day at school now.

I also talked to my brother and SIL and got to know more about them. They have only lived in the same state for about a year or so. It’s nice to have family nearby again.

I also enjoyed 2 glasses of wine and I now need to go to bed. My son on the other hand was dying for cartoons and the television is back on. As you can tell, my phone is back on too.

We need to unplug more often!

What about you? What did you do for Earth Hour?

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One Response to Earth Hour Retrospective 2010

  1. stevenearlsalmony says:

    Perhaps it is time not only to turn out the lights for an hour but also for an hour-long global outcry by great numbers of people.

    Many more people are going to have to speak out loudly, clearly and often about what is somehow true, as each of us sees what is real, so that the whole world can hear our voices. I do not believe that it is ever too late to do the right thing; but it is getting “late in the day” to make necessary changes away from soon to become patently unsustainable global human overproduction, overconsumption and overpopulation activities. Even though a colossal wreckage can be apprehended in the offing if silence prevails over speech-to-power, there is still enough daylight for us to see dimly that adequate space-time exists in which to move forward fast toward sustainability.

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