Hello? Is anyone out there?

Hello?  Hello?

Oh yes, I’m still here! March (well ok all of 2010) has been a little overwhelming.  The entire family has been sick on and off this month (yes the entire month), we’ve had birthdays, anniversaries, worried about family members, saddened by friends who lost family members, and completely crazy with all the new stuff going on with Eco Mom Media.  I have been reminded more than once this year that God won’t dish out more than I can handle…and I honestly think he’s testing me!  So today I will hug my family tight and enjoy my friends.  But I can’t stay away from this place (blogosphere) too long!

Did you know that March 27th is Earth Hour??  You have heard of Earth Hour haven’t you?  NO!  OK, so on March 27th people all around the world turn OFF their lights (and phones and computers and well…anything electric) for one hour at 8:30pm local time.  Why?  To draw attention to climate change and the fact that we all need to globally take charge and make changes in our lives.  This planet is our only one.  We only get one chance to make the right decisions.  This year should be rather fun for me…I’ll be at my parents house for the weekend…with a party going on!  They are going to LOVE me!!!  But it’s not just me, my son remembers our Earth Hour from last year where we stepped outside and played board games in the candle light as a family.  Go read more about Earth Hour and don’t worry…I’ll remind you to turn off your lights!

What else? Oh yeah April is right around the corner (scary I know!!) which means Earth Day is slowing sneaking up on us.  I have so many plans…I help organize a huge event at work each year for over 2,000 employees, I’m hosting the #GetRealDiapers Twitter Party, and I want to go see Disney Nature’s newest film Oceans!  Last year I had a date with my son to go see Earth and it was fabulous.  I can only imagine that Ocean will be even better (but I love, love, love the Ocean so I might be a little biased!).  Earth Day is always a busy time in my house! 

Here are a few pictures from my Disney escape this past weekend.  Hubby and I snuck away without the kids to celebrate our anniversary.  Wow…that was needed!  Anyways, Epcot is having their Flower and Garden Festival right now and here are some of my favorite pics.     

What are your plans for Earth Hour and Earth Day?  Anything exciting?  Leave your comments below…I’d love to hear them!

PS…No, I wasn’t compensated for anything I talked about in this post.  Just The Eco Chic talking about life! :)

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2 Responses to Hello? Is anyone out there?

  1. Mel says:

    Happy birthday Ecochic!!!

  2. Retro_Housewife_Goes_Green says:

    Earth Hour- Not sure but it will be dark here. :)

    Earth Day- I have my local recycling coalition annual meeting and not sure what else.

    As you know I can't wait for Oceans either!

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