Happy Valentine’s Day from The Eco Chic

How was your Valentine’s Day?  Mine was very low key and relaxed.  I’ve been battling a cold for a few days and have lost my voice, can’t breath through my nose, and am generally pitiful. 

Hubby and I don’t normally exchange big gifts on Valentine’s Day but he always does something special.  Today was really cute and unusual.  He got me a candy bouquet in a small white vase.  Each ‘flower’ is a different hard candy in red, pink, or white wrapper.  He also sent me a tweet and a Facebook message at midnight so I would see it when I woke up.  He knows me so well.

I am such a slacker (that combined with the way that I feel) that I didn’t even get him a card.  But I did make breakfast for him…his favorite…grits, eggs, and bacon!  He didn’t seem to mind that there was no card or Hallmark inspired gift.

My son got some wonderfully yummy chocolate treats.  While I am very eco-friendly around the house our food selections don’t really follow suite.  I only buy organic food on rare occasions, I don’t really care about high fructose corn syrup, and I’ve never feared artificial colors.  However, I do understand the reason for concern.  I tried some really yummy organic candies recently by Surf Sweets that are organic and natural.  I didn’t expect them to taste nearly as good as my favorite gummy bears but to my surprise they were really delicious.  I saved some for my son to try but I managed to eat most of them all by myself.  It’s a good thing that our local Sweet Bay also carries them because I have found my new favorite indulgence…and I can feel good about giving it to my son.  I should get some for my best friend too since the are vegetarian and vegan snacks (with the exception of the gummy bears and worms).  If you become a Fan of Surf Sweets on Facebook during February they will donate $1 to The Ocean Project on your behalf.

If I was feeling better this week I would have gotten a little more creative and tried some new recipes from POM Wonderful.  I received 4 bottles of POM Wonderful 100% pomegranate juice recently and I only got a sip of one of them.  My husband took them to work with him everyday until they were gone.  He doesn’t normally reach for the healthy drinks but when he saw that medical research has shown to improve prostate, cardiovascular, and erectile function I don’t think I had to sell him on the goodness that was in the bottle.  Isn’t it funny what men pay attention to?  Look at these fabulous cupcakes that are made using POM Wonderful and pomegranates.  Now…to see if I can find fresh California pomegranates at our local grocery store here in Florida. 


In past years hubby has been a regular shopper at the store with the little turquoise box (my absolute favorite jewelry). 

I have a few pieces that I wear regularly mixed in with a few feel good pieces.  I wrote a few months ago about the Andean Collection and Zulugrass which both support women, families and communities in impoverished areas around the world.  My favorite piece of feel good jewelry still remains my zulugrass bead bracelet set.  It is so durable and the blue/green colors go with the majority of my wardrobe.  On days like today when I pull out the red I only have a few pieces of jewelry with red in them so my Hands Up Not Hand Outs (HUNHO) wrist wrap in red and black is a nice addition.  These wrap style bracelets tie around your wrist with a satiny ribbon and are made by Palestinian women in the Qalandia Refugee Camp near Jerusalem.  I love that all of the proceeds go back to support the artisans and their local communities.   


What do you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Did you get anything extra special?  I’d love to hear about it. 

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  1. says

    Hope your voice was better than yesterday! Mine was!
    For Valentine's day. We're pretty low key too! If it's during the week, I have a special lunch with my little ones that aren't old enough for school. On weekends, we spend a fun relaxing day as a family. Hubby never can wait and always gives me his gift the night before, after kids have been asleep for a while. This year he got me a beautiful new shirt. One that I can nurse easily in and has a built in bra! Got to love Victoria Secret!!!

    Happy Valentine's day!

  2. says

    I'm very anti-fake colors (don't like eating coal by-products and don't like supporting coal) and anti-HFCS and do eat almost 99% organic food. I'm also all about fair trade, handmade and eco-friendly, my poor hubby lol. He did really well though. He got me a Pepsi Natural (can't get them here), fair trade chocolate hearts, scrabble tile necklaces (from etsy), organic handmade caramels, a box made from panda poop (he got me some things made from elephant poop last year haha), EarthOpoly, organic bras and I'm sure I'm forgetting many things.

    I'm always amazed how well he can follow my “rules.” :) He also took me to the zoo which was fun, we had wonderful weather.

  3. smilinggreenmom says

    Awww – your hubby is so sweet to you! I am glad he made you feel so special! We didn't do much out of the ordinary, but we did shout our love from the rooftops with a nice massage. I got a foot massage in the morning and he got his back rub! That was great and the kids made us cards. It was sweet and a very good day!

  4. Anonymous says

    Awww – your hubby is so sweet to you! I am glad he made you feel so special! We didn’t do much out of the ordinary, but we did shout our love from the rooftops with a nice massage. I got a foot massage in the morning and he got his back rub! That was great and the kids made us cards. It was sweet and a very good day!

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