Breastfeeding – My Journey Continues with EnJoye

It is now 382 days (and counting) into our 2nd journey with breastfeeding and things are still going strong.  I’m still excited to have this bond with Lil’ B today.  My journey the 2nd time around has been different than with my oldest.  Primarily because 98% of the time I work at home. 

For the first 8-9 months I was blessed to be able to have Lil’ B home with me at all times.  After I returned to work at 3mo Lil’ B had an amazing nanny part-time.  Whenever she was hungry the nanny would bring her to me and she would eat.  As the months went on I actually decided to start pumping because I had to travel. 

I am an experienced pumper….with my oldest I had to pump everyday since I worked out of the home.  I had a Medela hand-me-down (actually it was only used 1-2 times before I got it) from a friend.  That was one of the items that I kept to use again.  Unfortunately after just a few short months it started to have some issues.  I was frustrated beyond belief…I rarely used the breast pump but I needed to have one for when I traveled for work.  I never leave for long; usually just a day or two.  Either way, a good dependable breast pump is a necessity. 

I decided after one trip to buy a hand-pump because I just couldn’t see spending any more money on a pump that would get used once a day.  That was a disaster…it was horrible!  It took me almost an hour one trip to get both sides expressed and my arms were killing me. 

Then heaven arrived…my Hygeia EnJoye  breast pump!  The EnJoye is slightly larger than my old Medela but is very similar.  It actually looks more like the pumps that the hospital rents than the personal pumps.  It has an internal rechargeable battery which is a blessing.  My old one took 2C batteries which were always dead…and pumping was WEAK!  With the EnJoye I often forget to plug it in because the battery is so strong.  I’m on a business trip right now (just for one night) and I didn’t even bring the plug.

The pump and all of the parts that would come in contact with breast-milk are all BPA/DEHP Free and safe for your baby.  There is also a button on the front that allows you to record your baby’s voice or cry to help with letdown.  I’m not a big fan of the carrying case though…as a parent who is a frequent flier the bag is rather large and awkward.  I always try to fit the pump into my carry on luggage so I don’t have to carry their bag.

The greatest eco-features of the EnJoye are 1) it’s approved by the FDA for multi-users, and 2) it’s recyclable!  When you no longer need the pump you can sell or donate it to another mom.  All they need to do is replace the plastic tubing and accessories (Retail $35 for accessories).  I’m actually excited that I’m going to be able to pay-it-forward when I’m done with our breastfeeding journey.  The EnJoye has a 3 year 3-year limited warranty…but never fear…if it can’t be fixed you don’t have to landfill your pump!  Hygeia will recycle your used breast pump for you (only Hygeia brands are accepted for recycling).     

And face it…no one really LIKES pumping!  Hygeia has brought a little Joy back into my life with the EnJoye….Thank You!!!  My journey into breastfeeding wouldn’t have lasted this long without you. 

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4 Responses to Breastfeeding – My Journey Continues with EnJoye

  1. Melissa says:

    Good for you for sticking with it so long! Way to go!

  2. Breastfeeding is not only a great source of nutrition but a great bonding experience for Mom and Baby. Our daughter certainly loved breast feeding and certainly did not want to give it up. She is almost 4 and I suspect that she would go right back to it if allowed. Good luck with it.

  3. Jenny says:

    That's so great that you've stuck with it! Really :) I totally agree with Green Colored Glasses…it's really a great bonding experience!

  4. Jenny says:

    That’s so great that you’ve stuck with it! Really :) I totally agree with Green Colored Glasses…it’s really a great bonding experience!

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