Lillunia’s Nature Inspired Artwork

One thing that I don’t talk about often is my art background.  As a child I was heavily involved in all things artistic.  I was an oil painter at age 10 and continued to pursue my passion through college.  In college I was studying to become a graphic designer.  At the same time I was working my way through college as a sales associate at the local art supply store…making a whooping $7/hr.  You might have guessed by now that I didn’t finish my degree in art…instead I attended a different university my final 2 years (actually more like 4 more years…LOL!) and now hold a Bachelor’s degree in Biology.  I decided that graphic design was very competitive and I wasn’t a competitive person.  That plus all of my coworkers at the art supply store all had their degree in graphic design and were still working 9-5 at the art supply store! 

I recently received a beautiful piece of artwork from Lillunia, a collection of artwork by Laura Hill and Eve Gianni Corio.  The piece is Ashley’s Bears, a giclee print of the original watercolor painting of three polar bears snuggled up to their mother trying to stay warm.  A giclee is simply the process of making fine art prints from a digital source using ink-jet printing (Thanks Wikipedia!).  Each print is hand numbered and signed by the artist (Deborah Bassino). 

The artwork on Lillunia is all nature-inspired and is perfect for a nursery or child’s room.  You can buy one piece or you could buy a collection (or mosaic) of work.  The mosaics are different sized pieces of the same animal in different poses.  I’m not sure which animal is my favorite…the polar bear, giraffe, monkeys, ducks, zebras, or dolphins.  I’d have to say the dolphins, but that would be the water lover in me.  

All prints can be customized with your child’s name and date of birth to make this an extra special keepsake.  The pieces can be shipped either matted or custom framed.

As a fellow art lover I was drawn to the Lillunia collection.  Maybe because it is so similar to the type of art that I used to paint.  I really should make time to get back into my artwork.  I still have all of my supplies in a box in the garage along with my easel and art desk.  It’s a part of me I never really let go…even if I don’t practice. 

Buy It Now!  Whether you like original watercolors or prints Lillunia can provide you with quality work for your child.  Prices are very reasonable; an 11 x 14 print of Ashley’s Bears is priced at the low price of $95.  Don’t forget each piece is signed and numbered by the artist and comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Lillunia is located in New York.

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