Eco-Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway #3

BabiesKidsGiveaway Alert! Win a starter set just like the one in the picture below from Your Baby Can Read. Eco-ngratulations Khrystina! Check your email!

Your Baby Can Read!

We’ve all seen the commercials…you know the one’s with the babies watching the videos, playing with the word cards, and acting out the actions…reading!  I would have been all over this video with my first child but you get a little more relaxed with your second (at least I do) and don’t push them as hard.  I have a friend of mine who has used this with her own child and she said it was cute.  She said her baby would see the word clap on screen and begin clapping along. 


The set that I received (the same as the giveaway) is only 1/5 of the full intro set but it’s plenty to fall in love to!  Based on Dr. Titzer’s Early Language Development program the intro set includes a DVD Early Learning Workshop, the Parents Guide, Learn to Read Word Cards, and a starter book.  Having an older child who monopolizes the television along with a sports addicted husband; Lil’ B hasn’t really had time to dedicate to the program.  We have watched it a few times and it’s cute.  It’s designed for use with babies starting as early as 3 months of age up to children 5 years old.  Now if only there were more hours in the day I might actually have time to dedicate 20-30 minutes to practice this with Lil’ B.  She just began to clap and has learned her first baby sign…I think she’s finally old enough where I would be able to see results. 

Buy It:  You can buy Your Baby Can Read online HERE.  They offer a 30 day trial for $14.95 (plus S&H). 

Win It!  Register here to win your own intro set like the one in the picture above!  Visit the Your Baby Can Read site and tell me one thing you learned from their site.  Leave your comment below to be entered into this giveaway.

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Giveaway open to all residents in the US over the age of 18 yrs old.  Must leave a comment for each entry with a maximum of 10 entries total.  Giveaway ends December 1, 2009 at midnight (EST).  Entrants must leave their email to be contacted if they are selected. 


Giveaway Ended.  Eco-ngratulations Khrystina!

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*This post was sponsored by Your Baby Can Read.

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35 Responses to Eco-Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway #3

  1. sarah says:

    My 10 yr old son really wants this for our baby! lol I hope we win :)

  2. Cinella says:

    First entry…. I learned that Studies prove that the earlier a child learns to read, the better they perform in school and later in life.

  3. Cinella says:

    Following via google connect

  4. Cinella says:

    feedburner subscriber

  5. Cinella says:

    your button is on my blog

  6. wendy wallach says:

    A professor and teacher for over 15 years, Dr. Titzer has extensively researched infant learning and development. After teaching in the public school system, Dr. Titzer went on to complete his Masters degree at Pennsylvania State University, and a Ph.D. in Human Performance at Indiana University, where he developed this revolutionary early learning approach with his own infant children.

    This is something that I learned,

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  7. wendy wallach says:

    I am following your blog as wendy wallach

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  8. Nancy S. says:

    learned children from 3 months to 3 years can benefit

  9. Nancy S. says:

    entered giveaways 1 & 2

  10. Nancy S. says:

    email subscriber with this email nancy at 513ventures dot com

  11. Khrystina says:

    Child’s brain is develops at about 90% during the first 5 yrs of life!

  12. Khrystina says:

    Have your button on my blog.

  13. Khrystina says:

    Entered the Eco-Holiday Gift #2 giveaway.

  14. Khrystina says:

    Entered the Eco-Holiday Gift #4 giveaway.

  15. Khrystina says:

    Entered the Eco-Holiday Gift #6 giveaway.

  16. Khrystina says:

    Entered the Eco-Holiday Gift #8 giveaway.

  17. Khrystina says:

    Entered the Eco-Holiday Gift #5 giveaway.

  18. zealandsmom says:

    I learned he started this with his own daughter!

  19. zealandsmom says:

    entered for BG organic

  20. zealandsmom says:

    entered for etsy basket

  21. zealandsmom says:

    entered the eco bags

  22. zealandsmom says:

    entered to win the the eco purses or stainless straws

  23. wristband says:

    one great idea, im looking forward for the next event, i missed this one but im sure i wont miss the following event.

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