The ‘JOY’ of Green Cleaning?

Can you really use ‘joy‘ and ‘cleaning‘ in the same sentence?  Does anyone really enjoy cleaning?  All I can think about is that five minutes after I clean one of the members of my family will come behind me and mess it up!  I mean seriously…I wipe the dinner table clean after a meal only to have someone leave another pile of crumbs a few hours later!  And for some reason hardwood floors are dirty the second I put the mop away!  It’s all rather exhausting if you ask me!

But that’s why I’m not “The Cleaning Coach” and Leslie Reichert is!  I virtually met Leslie back in September when I was on Twitter asking about stained diapers.  She graciously sent me an email suggesting that I try some Charlie’s Soap and pointed me to her website and her new book…”The Joy of Green Cleaning.”  She must have known how badly I was in need of some coaching!

book coverThe Joy of Green Cleaning is your ultimate cook book for green cleaning recipes.  It is jammed pack with 70 pages of recipes for kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners, floor cleaners, laundry cleaners and more!  Now that’s a lot of recipes.  Did you know you could make your own dishwasher rinse aide with lemon juice, club soda, and borax?  Or that a combination of borax and vinegar and water will remove mold in your bathroom?  The recipes in her book are really simple and use low cost and non-hazardous ingredients.

You can buy Leslie’s book in ebook or spiral bound versions and for all of my wonderful readers she has offered a $5 off coupon!  The ebook sells for $10 so that’s half off!  How can you go wrong? 

But don’t stop with just the book…visit Leslie’s other site, Shop Green Cleaning, to find all of your cleaning essentials.  There she sells the ECO-Sponge and Skoy reusable cloths.  You can also find Charlies Soap, soap flakes, and soda crystals for all your laundry needs…even for cloth diaper laundry! 

Use coupon code theecochic09 at either site and receive $5 off your entire purchase. 

You can also find Leslie on Twitter as @greenyourcleanand on Facebook as Leslie Reichert.  She also writes a pretty awesome blog called Clean Green Talk.  Today she posted her first tip in a series called 20 Day Cleanup to Thanksgiving.  I guess when I’m done online my task is to clean the guest bathroom!  I’ll do that after my cloth diapers are in the dryer. 

Leslie…I’m a difficult student but I’m sure with your help and your cook book with The Joy of Green Cleaning book, there is still hope for me!


This post is sponsored by The Joy of Green Cleaning but unless you are Cinderella I’m going to guess that you’ll feel the same way I do about her products!

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    I LOVE cleaning, no really, I do!!!! I already have a couple green cleaning books and have even made my own recipes but I’m super excited for this book!!!!! Thank you so much for posting this!

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    Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog hunting on the Internet as I am researching some information on dishwashers. Seems like a cool site so I have bookmarked your site and I will return tomorrow to have a proper read when i have more time. Thank you.

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