Is anyone out there? 

Oh wait, you are probably saying…”Where is The Eco Chic?  I haven’t seen anything new from her in a while!!”  Never fear my friends…I am still here!  As usual life has gotten in the way of blogging.  When my friends tell me that the feel neglected and in second place over the Internet I start to take the hint.  (I do listen.)  My family suffers from my addiction at times too.  It’s rare to find a night at the Eco-House where my nose isn’t buried into my computer as soon as the kids are snoozing away!  My dear sweet husband is sitting on one end of the sofa playing Vampires or Mafia Wars on his iPhone and I’m on the other end blogging or tweeting!  Really, it is a sad life we live.  Add in a few visits out of town and I’m actually starting to miss my little escapes to the blogosphere! 

You know exactly what I’m talking about.  There is something much more pressing and important that you need to be doing right now than reading my thoughts…but you are still here…and I love you for it! 

So now that I’ve spent a week conserving energy (hehe!) let’s get right back into the Eco World!  I have so much information and updates to bring you that I don’t know where to start first. 

FTC and blogging!  Why not, everyone else is talking about it.  The FTC is now regulating bloggers who receive compensation (either product or $$) in exchange for writing up a review for companies.  READ the actual regualtions here.  To set the Eco-Record straight…yes I receive compensation for SOME, not ALL, of the reviews that I write.  Most of the compensation I receive is my way of free product.  But rest assured that I have always (and will continue to be) been honest with you in my reviews.  If there is a product that I really don’t like I will tell you what I don’t like about it.  I will also point out the things I do like about it.  And if the product is really that horrible I will send it back to the company that sent it to me.  (Thankfully that hasn’t happened yet!)  What are your thoughts on the FTC regulations?  Do you think it will better the blogosphere?  Do you think that companies will quit offering compensation for reviews?  Have you ever found a product that you really, really, really love because of a product review on a blog?  Tell me about it!  (Leave me a comment below!!)

Breastfeeding!  Yes, I just jumped from the FTC to the Boob!  LOL!  Lady B (she’s growing up so Lil’ B just sounds so young!) is now 9 months old and is still attached to the boob!  Even with 4 teeth and business trips that take me away from her we are still breastfeeding and I couldn’t be happier. 

Cloth Diapers!  Yes, we are still using cloth and loving it!  I have 2 new diapers that I am reviewing right now.  The first is by GroBaby and the second one just arrived yesterday from Bamboo Bums.  Can I tell you that bamboo is soooooooooo soft!  Oh la la….I need a blanket out of this stuff!  Or a sweater?  Hmmm….  Our child care provider is adjusting ok to cloth but we still have a ways to go to get her fully on board.  She’s using cloth but she has some concerns.  For instance…she was sending them home in plastic bags INSIDE the wetbag…kinda defeats the purpose of the wetbag!  And yesterday she told me she put her in a sposieat nap time because she hadn’t gone poo all day.  Sure enough she did go poo at nap time and cleanup was much easier on her…but again…defeating the purpose of cloth!  It’s going to take a little bit of educating and empathizing with her to get her fully on board.  I think I need to practice my new nonviolent communication skills that I’m learning from my new book, Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life by Marshall Rosenberg.  I’m reading it as part of the training to become a Real Diaper Association (RDA) Circle Leader for the Tampa Bay area.  More on that in another post. 

Family News!  My son is the light of my life and got rave reviews from his teacher yesterday in our first conference of the year.  Besides the fact that we have a mini-genius on our hands I was moved by her words on his kindness and heart!  I guess my little boy is beginning to show compassion for others and that just moved me to tears!  He’s being a mentor to a little boy in his class who doesn’t speak English well…voluntarily!  I couldn’t be more proud of him and the wonderful little man he is becoming!  Lady B is 9 months (like I mentioned earlier) and is weighing in at a whopping 17 3/4 lbs.  I don’t think her brother was that big at a year! LOL! 

Reviews & Giveaways!  Don’t worry I have many things waiting to be written about!  I have more cleaning products to write about, baby food, baby toys, kids toys, diapers, blankets, and so much more coming your way!  Now I should go formulate my game plan on how to get caught up again!  

Thanks for visiting and caring about where I have been!  I really need to find that balance between real life and my blog that seems to get a little off balance more often than not!  Have a great weekend!

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4 Responses to Eco-Update

  1. Sharon says:

    Great Article, I really like what you have to say. Can’t wait for the contests!

  2. Emi says:

    I COMPLETELY related to your thought! I am such an addict there are times when I question if my family (and friends) are still my priority. Can’t wait to see the new stuff you have coming up!

  3. Gwenn says:

    Are these FTC regulations already in place or is it still in the process of being made?

    You sound like my dh and I most nights. I’m usually online reading blogs while my dh is playing WOW or FF LOL..if he’s not doing school work anyway.

  4. Lindsay says:

    breastfeeding: good to hear! i am still breastfeeding my little one at 13 months with six teeth: yikes. Some days I wonder if he will ever be off the boob, most days I love the bonding.

    i am excited to hear the grobaby review. i am researching travel options to still do cloth. I am a little nervous: 2 1/2 weeks – 3 states – two diff. hotels – and then staying at mom in laws.

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