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Tonight I’m feeling rather ‘fancy’ and ‘trendy’ so I thought I would share with you a new online green clothing store I was recently introduced to.  We Care Clothing!  This great little clothing store features beautiful designer clothing and accessories for women, mens, and kids.  Their clothing is made from organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp fabrics. 

Why should you choose organic clothing?  We often choose organic foods because they are healthier for us.  Organic fabrics are made from plants that were grown without the use of fertilizers.  These fertilizers contain a lot of nutrients that help the plants grow bigger and faster but they are inefficient.  The majority of the nutrients from fertilizers are washed away and not taken in by the plants at all.  All of those nutrients seep into our groundwater, our streams, rivers, and eventually into our oceans.  Nitrates are the primary nutrient that are wasted from fertilizers and can cause detrimental effects to the environment and our health.  Nitrates can lead to algal blooms in rivers and oceans that can cause devastating fish kills.  Now that might sound bad but you may be thinking…it’s just a fish!  We eat fish and they tend to store these nutrients in their flesh.  This is why some fish are recommended to eat in moderation.  I bet you never thought that choosing organic clothing (and food) could make such a difference in the world did you? 

Kids TopNow back to We Care Clothing (sorry…as you may know by now my college studies included lots of stream and fish studies!!) and their beautiful clothing.  A few of my favorite pieces are the organic Blue Sky T-shirt for women; the Of the Earth Kids Sugar Too organic top; the Nixxi Mens Button Downorganic shirt; and the luxe Bamboo Dreams Sheet Sets.  Ohh Mama, would we be one sharp dressed family in these clothes! 

Want another reason to shop We Care Clothing?  For every purchase you make, We Care Clothing will plant a tree.  Their program has helped to replace trees that were lost during Hurricane Katrina and the California wildfires.  If you would like to learn more about organics and the organic fashion industry be sure to visit the Why Organic section at We Care Clothing; you will find a wealth of information! 

Now…which item do you like the best?  I really like the ANGelRoX Wrap…one piece worn as a skirt, dress, cape or shrug!

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