What’s New Sunday?

The Eco Chic has been absent for a few days.  We packed up the family and headed off to Chattanooga, TN for a wedding.  Once again I kept the cloth diapers at home and packed up those nasty sposies.  I really have to find a system that works for traveling.  My main problem is that we rarely stay with friends and family, instead we frequent hotels.  Location is not the only restriction for using cloth, I’m not going to take time out of our already busy schedule to go find a place to wash our cloth.  I might actually invest in some g-diapers just for traveling.  (In case you are new to cloth, g-diapers are hybrid diapers.  They have a flushable insert inside the reusable cover.)

Big B missed two days of school and I missed two days of cool Back To School giveaways!  Later tonight I will be posting another Waste-Free Lunch giveaway! 

Lil’ B is eating like a little pig.  At almost 8 months she is eating almost everything I try to give her.  I can’t recall the last time she turned her nose up to food.  I’m still making the majority of her food from fresh fruits and veggies.  Tonight she had mango-sweet potatoes….yummy!  Big B actually tried a bite and like it too.

Have you ever considered the environmental impact of weddings?  There is so much waste!  The reception was littered with disposable forks, napkins, and cups that were used for less than five minutes…and like most people I made more than one trip through the bar and appetizer lines.  We got married in Vegas so we didn’t have a traditional wedding or reception. 

OK, that’s the random thoughts going on in my mind right now!

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  1. Slee says:

    we put a lot of thought into the environmental impact of our wedding, and also into keeping at cost efficient as possible. my aunt did travel from some 200 miles away with my cousin, her child and boyfriend, but that was pretty much it for the traveling. we kept it all pretty inexpensive, used repurposed fake flowers that i arranged quite nicely, did digital photography so as to avoid nasty chemical proof printing, even reused the flowergirl’s christmas dress. we didn’t do a meal, nor did we switch venues to reduce the driving, used recycled paper invitations… but i think it’s sad that weddings have become so much about the drama of the event as opposed to the marriage.

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