Enjoy the Rainbow of Cloth Diapers from GADBaby

Giveaway Alert!  Win your own GADBaby Diaper!  Want to know how?  Read to the bottom of the post for details.  ECO-ngratulations Christina (@Mommacrissy)!


Magenta and Black GADBaby Diaper in MediumGADBaby Diapers:(noun) 1. waterproof, eye-popping, super cute, eco-friendly cloth diapers.  2. Green Acres Designs (GAD)


The DETAILS:  Side snaps, 3 adjustable snap settings on back wings, PUL waterproof fabric outer, choose from either butter soft microfleece or bamboo inside, trim hemp insert, sized diapers, a rainbow of color selections, Made in the USA, $14.95-17.95 each


The FRESH:  I really love how well this diaper fit Lil’ B.  Unlike the one sized pocket diapers, the GAD diaper fit her perfectly.  I absolutely love the different color selections and especially the colored microfleece inside (no ugly stains!!)!!  Lil’ B has worn her GAD about 5 times and I’ve never had any leaking with it.  The hemp insert holds a TON of pee for being so slim.  GADBaby is a small mom-owned and operated business and it always makes me feel great to support them.  Kim (owner) has been wonderful to work with and is always available via email, Twitter, and Facebook to help answer questions. 


The STINKY:  They are not one sized (small, medium, and large) so you will need to buy a minimum of 10-15 of each size.  I have 20 cloth diapers and I’m washing every third day on average.  BUT…don’t let this deter you from buying sized diapers.  You always have the option to resell the cloth that you outgrow to help you recoup some of your costs.  You can sell cloth diapers on Ebay, Craigslist, DiaperSwappers, and many other online cloth diaper sites.  I’m still fairly new (7 months) to this cloth diaper world and have never purchased used cloth diapers but I hear the market is crazy!


The VERDICT:  Would I buy GADBaby diapers?  Yes!  While I have to say I’m still partial to another popular brand that is one sized, the GADBaby diaper is one of my favorite snap diapers.  The color selection is amazing and I really (REALLY!) love the colored microfleece inside!  I think that was my favorite feature of the GADBaby diaper.


BUY IT!  Want to try a GADBaby diaper for yourself?  Use coupon code ‘IloveGadbaby‘ and receive 10% off your purchase. 


WIN IT!  To enter to win your very own GADBaby diaper you MUST visit GADBaby and leave a comment below telling me what your favorite color GADBaby diaper is.  Below are ways you can earn extra entries.


-Shop at GADBaby during the contest period and earn 5 entries automatically!  Leave a comment below telling me that date of purchase and what you bought.

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CONTEST ENDS on Friday, August 21st, 2009 at midnight (EST). 

Good Luck and Fluffy Bums!


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  1. says

    Blaze Orange, Lilac w/Pink, Grape, Orchid, Magenta w/ black and…gosh it’s so hard to pick one favorite color!!! I also really like a lot of the blue ones but I’m tired of people calling my daughter a boy. lol

  2. Jeff9 says

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