Back from Vacation

Yes, I’ve been on vacation!  My Twitter followers have followed my adventures with my family at Disney this past week but I wanted to share a few fun things with everyone. 

Cloth Diapers and Traveling:  We didn’t have a washer or dryer so we took disposables to Disney.  This made me very sad but it was very stress-free.  One day I’ll try to travel with my cloth but I have to be able to wash them. 

Breastfeeding:  In honor of World Breastfeeding Week…we have a long way to go to educate people about breastfeeding.  You would think at Disney World, a place for kids, breastfeeding would be easier than it was.  The parks have these great baby care centers where you can nurse but they are not always where you need them.  There is only one center per park and the parks are huge!  I ended up breastfeeding in some odd places and got quite a lot of different reactions…including the one mom who made her family leave the bench I was sitting on while breastfeeding (PS…I was not exposed in any way!).  The worst experience were the water parks.  There were NO baby care centers or air conditioned areas AT ALL!  With a 6 year old we are very active and the baby comes along to everything.  There aren’t many places she doesn’t go with us.  I’m not asking for nice cushy nursing areas everywhere I go…but a simple bench in some air conditioning would be helpful! 

Baby Wearing:  We took the stroller, our Dittany Baby pouch sling, and our Ergo Baby Carrier with us to Disney.  Which worked out the best?  All and None!  Honestly they all came in handy at one time or another.  The Ergo is great for Dad and it works well for me when carrying her for a long time.  It started to hurt my hips though after a while and it was H-O-T!!!  The Dittany pouch sling was lighter weight and great for short carries (waiting in lines).  The great thing about the Dittany pouch sling is that it also served as a nursing cover and a stroller blanket and it folded down very small!  The stroller was great for naps.  Like I said earlier…our life doesn’t slow down often so she just adapts and sleeps wherever we are. 


  1. To-Go-Ware sidekicks.  These small stainless steel food containers were perfect for the baby finger food snacks (those puffs) that kept Lil’ B happy while waiting in line! 
  2. To-Go-Ware RePEaT utensil sets.  I wish I had 3 sets of these.  With all the eating out we did we went through a lot of disposable forks and spoons.  I did use mine a few times and it was much nicer than the cheap plastic stuff. 
  3. Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag.  Yep…even though we didn’t use cloth diapers I still took my wet bag with me!  I hate diaper bags with a passion…they are so BIG!  Instead I packed my wet/dry bag with diapers and wipes and off we went.  It fit nicely inside our small backpack and didn’t weigh us down.  It was great for the water parks too, the wet bathing suits went right down inside the large pocket and our backpack stayed dry!

Disney itself has made a great effort to go GREEN with their Enviromentality program.  There is recycling everywhere, even in the hotel rooms.  The best part is that they encourage guests to help them go GREEN by educating them on small steps they can do during their stay (like reusing towels and sheets). 

Now that I’m back I have a lot of catching up to do.  The Knicker Nappie OS diaper giveaway ends in just a few hours and I will be picking a winner tomorrow.  There are over 175 comments right now so it’s going to be quite exciting to pick a winner!  Thanks for all your comments, tweets, subscriptions and follows!

Coming up this next week I have LOTS of fun stuff!  I have another cloth diaper giveaway (GADbaby) and some Rocking Green Soap giveaway for those cloth diapers!  Not into cloth diapers?  No worries!  I have some great jewelry to review, e-cloth giveaways, Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil giveaway, and more!  Oh, and school is starting soon so I have some great waste free lunch solutions to share too!  

On a personal note…Lil’ B had a blast meeting all the Disney characters!  She squelled (literally) everytime a character came near!  It was priceless!  Her big bro still got excited too!  While we were gone she learned how to take a few short crawls across the floor!  LOOK OUT WORLD…here she comes!  To top it all off…her first tooth started to come it yesterday.  I think I need to look into some new teething toys!  

Have an eco-friendly product you would like to know more about?  Leave me a comment and I’ll try to do a review or giveaway on it!

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3 Responses to Back from Vacation

  1. Cindy says:

    Glad to hear you had fun! But we missed you here :) I can’t wait to see the little princess crawling around the floor.

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