Day 10: Cloth Diapers and Warmers and Wet Bags, oh my!

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ECO-ngratulations Anne!

Regular readers will know that my journey into the world of cloth diapers began last year when we found out we were expecting our second amazing child.  My mother used cloth diapers on both my brother and I but I didn’t want to use the old fashioned kind.  I wanted to enter the world of modern cloth diapers!  It wasn’t until a few months ago that I realized how many different options that are available.  All you have to do is decide what features are most important to you.  I recently found Ladybug Diapersand they are one of the few companies who have begun selling Bamboo cloth diapers.  Below is a conversation I had with the owner Annita about her online store and the products she carries.


The Eco Chic:  Ladybug Diapers specializes in Bamboo cloth diapers.  What are some of the benefits of bamboo over other modern cloth diapers?   

Ladybug Diapers:  It is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and completely pesticide free (Bamboo has no natural enemies/predators).  It is also one of the few sustainable fabrics that are being used for diapers. 

The Eco Chic:  Is there any special washing directions for bamboo?   

Ladybug Diapers:  No there is not.  It is just as easy to care for as other reusable diapers.  The only difference is it takes about 10-20 minutes longer to dry. 

The Eco Chic:  How would you recommend choosing a wet bag? 

Ladybug Diapers:  Personally, go a bit larger than you think you will need.  The ‘extra’ space usually becomes necessary.  For out and about, choose a medium size.  For all day in the car, trips, etc, choose the hanging wet/dry bag.  It is basically a compact diaper pail with the bonus of keeping dry items in the outer pocket.

 The Eco Chic:  Can you wash wet bags?  Do you have to worry about the smell? 

Ladybug Diapers:  Yes, wet bags can be washed as often as needed.  Just use the same regimen as you use for diapers and covers.  The PUL fabric requires little special care and it is quite safe to dry your wet bag.  There is little to no smell when cared for and used properly.  To minimize any odor from your wet bag when in use, you can apply a bit of Tea Tree Oil to a cloth wipe and just drop in your wet bag with the diapers. 

The Eco Chic:  I see you carry different brands of leg warmers; are there any differences between the brands besides the designs? 

Ladybug Diapers:  Yes.  There are quite a few differences.  From the materials used, to the sizes and fit and of course the patterns.  Our first leg warmers were Agoo Leg Huggers.  They are made with Bamboo material are ultra soft and just perfect for little girls.  We have not forgotten the boys though!  Our Fall line of Agoo Leg Huggers will feature several designs just for your little man as well several new unisex designs.  Once we discovered Agoo, we were addicted.  Agoo and Toodlebugz offer Bamboo leg warmers.  Huggalugsoffers Organic Cotton leg huggers and Melontree Baby offers our most eclectic line of leg warmers.

The Eco Chic:  What are your personal favorite diaper, wet bag, and legwarmer?  

Ladybug Diapers:  I am partial to the Bamboo Prefolds.  We carry AIO’s, Fitted and soon will offer Contours which have all worked very well for me, but I just love the trimness of the Bamboo Prefold with a cover.

Discovering the Planet Wise line of wet bags was a super find that I owe to my web designer.  She discovered them, recommended them, we tried them out and have never considered looking for another wet bag.  They are awesome.  Not only do they come in so many exclusive patterns, they are the only wet bag I have found to offer a ‘wet/dry bag’ combo.  It has been my lifesaver on more than one occasion.  I can not limit myself to one favorite.  I have two.  One for normal out and about use, and my must have hanging wet/dry bag which I use like a diaper pail.  The hanging bag is totally awesome for long trips and hanging on the bedroom door for those night time diaper changes.

My favorite leg warmer?  All of them!  We carry different brands of leg warmers for the quality, characteristics, uniqueness and marketability of each product.  If you notice between the brands there is quite a variation in design as well as size.  Leg warmers have mostly been marketed to girls.  We want to change that.  Little boys’ knees get just as much carpet burn learning to crawl as girls do (and don’t forget rocks and concrete sidewalks).  When toddling along, those leg warmers help keep many skinned knees at bay.  I can personally testify that leg warmers alone are responsible for saving 5 skinned knees in ONE afternoon (on the same child!).  My daughter is my guide for the leg warmers and she is always going for the animals, bugs and butterflies.


I had the pleasure of trying one of the Planet Wise wet/dry bags this past week.  I didn’t really understand why I would need one, were they really that necessary?  I am now a changed woman!  We took the wet bag with us on a mini-beach vacation this past weekend and I took it everywhere.  It was stylish enough that I could use it alone as a diaper bag.  However, it was small enough (I tried the Med wet/dry bag) to fit inside my diaper bag if I was going out for a long time.  The wet bags have one wet pocket and one dry pocket.  It was a perfect addition to the beach for both diapers and wet bathing suits.  I’ve started to use it around the house too.  It snaps perfectly to the changing table for a temporary storage of diapers before I place them in the bathroom.  Now I guess it’s time for me to buy a larger one, it might just replace my bucket in the bathroom that I load up with diapers waiting to be washed. 

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