Disney’s Earth…WOW!

This evening Big B and I had a ‘date’ to go see Earth!  I can’t remember the last time I was so emotional over a documentary.  Disney really did a great job with this one.  Before the movie even started I was excited for NEXT Earth Day when they bring out Ocean.  The animals they chose to follow in Earth were perfect; the polar bear family, the elephant family, and my favorite the humpback whale family. 

James Earl Jones did a fantastic job with the naration and the musical score was perfect.  There were so many times when Big B got emotional (happy, sad, fearful) just because of the music and what was about to happen next. 

I must warn parents though that if you have very young children (preschoolers especially) the movie does touch on some ‘Circle of Life’ issues…you know predator vs prey!  While Disney does a very good job not to show anything gruesome there were a few times when the youngsters in the theater broke out into tears.  Big B is six now and still got a little teary eyed over a few of the events.  With that being said I think it was delicately executed. 

It was wonderful to sit with my best little buddy and laugh, cry, and sigh over some of the most spectacular sites I’ve seen in years.  It was so cute, Big B was asking me great questions the whole time.  “Mommy, is the sun global warming?”  “Mommy, where does our water come from?”  and “Mommy, can I recycle this (trash from theater snacks)?” 

Today after school he was riding his bike around the block and came back with a bag full of litter.  I guess one house in the neighborhood had lost some of their trash and just left it blowing in the wind.  And while at the theater he wouldn’t let me leave my trash under the seat, he made me take everything to the exit.  Although he wasn’t too happy that they didn’t recycle the cardboard and plastic waste.  I wonder why movie theaters haven’t jumped on board with the green movement yet. 

Anyways, I would highly recommend Earth to you.  I’d love to hear what you thought about it, leave me a comment.  Don’t forget to read “This is the Day” post and learn how to win your own copy of the book.

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One Response to Disney’s Earth…WOW!

  1. Cindy says:

    Sounds like something Leanna would love as well. I’ll have to try to take her to see it – depending on how long it’s in the theaters.

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