March is Florida Bike Month


Governer Crist signed a proclomation that makes March Florida Bike Month!  It’s a great time of year in Florida to ride your bike.  The weather is beautiful, not too hot yet.  With the Department of Environmental Protection, the state of Florida encourages everyone to ride their bike to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the state. 

Our family all has bikes but I have to admit that I don’t ride mine much.  It’s not really convenient to ride it to the store or other local places due to the traffic.  My husband and son try to ride their bikes to school once a week.  Florida is increasing the number of bike lanes around the state and we are fortunate to have many bike lanes in our area.  Still with children (my son is almost 6) you have to be very careful where you ride.   

For more information on the many bike trails in Florida visit the DEP’s website at

The DEP also has a great resource on their website called Rediscover Florida, 100 ways in 100 days.  This initiative hopes to encourage Floridians (and visitors) to enjoy the natural, cultural, and historical treasures that exist throughout the state.  From biking to canoeing there is something for everyone to enjoy in Flordia.  My favorite (which we don’t do enough) is number 97:  Watch the Sunset at Honeymoon Island.  This is our favorite place to visit anytime of the day but an especially nice place to watch the day come to an end. 

What’s your favorite thing to do in Florida?

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I never put together before that you were in Florida? Where? We are based in Daytona Beach. Email me – I’d like to chat with you more!

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