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I had to share a little press release with the blogging world.   My mom is the cafeteria manager for Triangle Elementary and worked really hard to submit her very first grant…and WON!!!  She and the other staff at the elementary school will be greening their school lunch program with VEGGIES!  One of the teachers at the school has a garden planted, mom has invested in some hydroponics machines, and they are kicking off the start of the Love Your Veggies grant program next week at their school.  By the start of the school year this fall the entire program will be in place and the kids will have the opportunity to TRY new veggies at school.  I am so proud of my momma!  Getting kids to eat healthy is an important step in helping the environment!  For some great recipes you can use for your own kids be sure to visit the Love Your Veggies link above.

 Triangle Elementary School Awarded $10,000 Grant


Grant to provide students with increased access to fresh fruits and vegetables


Triangle Elementary School is the recipient of a Love Your Veggies™  Nationwide School Lunch Campaign grant, sponsored by the makers of Hidden Valley ® Salad Dressings in collaboration with the School Nutrition Foundation and Produce for Better Health Foundation. The $10,000 nutrition grant will help support school programs that increase access to, and consumption of, fresh fruits and vegetables.


Triangle Elementary will use the grant funds to launch its Tasty Testing initiative. Project activities include: (1) school-wide tasting of fresh produce; (2) healthy and nutritious “Salads of the Month” created by different classes; (3) “inventors” assisting in salad preparation for classmates; (4) daily sampling of salads by selected classes until every students has the opportunity to taste a free salad; (5) comment/rating survey of “tasters” conducted and tallied by “inventors”; (6) inclusion of partners and community members in the salad taste tests; (7) nutrition training for teachers and staff; and (8) nutrition education activities implemented in academic classes.


Fifty-one grants were awarded to schools from 47 different states plus Washington D.C. Triangle was the only school in Florida to receive the funding. The winning grant proposals were chosen based on need, innovation, greatest likelihood of sustainable impact on the students they are serving, and potential for community involvement.


Superintendent Cowin noted, “This is a great win for Triangle Elementary School.  It will bring a focus on healthy eating, creativity and real-world math for students.” 


Kathy Billar, Carol Brewer, Lisa Schutz and Linda Pillows from Triangle Elementary and Jim Hill of Lake County’s Food Service Department were assisted by the Grant Services Department of Lake County Schools in developing and composing the application.

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  1. Mel says:

    This is wonderful.. tell her congrats.

    This should be “the norm”… and I hope it starts a trend in other school districts.

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