Little People Swap – Package Sent

I wrote a few weeks ago about the Little People Swap that we signed up for.  Well last week we packaged all of our stuff up and sent it to the Village Mama and family in Toronto.  We were excited to wake up this morning with a great big Thank You from the Mama herself in our inbox. 

The goal of our personal swap was to make as little an impact as possible; while making a new friend that lived somewhere else.  I think we accomplished our goal!  Below are some pictures of the items we included.  You can also read more about the swap at the Little People Swap and on Village Mama’s site. 


These are some painted rocks that little man made all by himself.  (Well I did help a little.)  The first one is a bluebird and the second one is a lady bug.  We picked these creatures because we had seen them both in our yard over the weekend.  The rocks came from our garden.


This final picture are some of our collections from the beach.  We live really close to Honeymoon Island State Park and these are some of our findings from a recent trip.  The plants came from the tree outside our house. 

Items not shown in this post:  books, hand drawn pictures, photo, and a map.  Little man picked out some books he was outgrowning and I picked out one of my own to share with the Village Mama. 

We truely hope they enjoyed opening their package and can’t wait for the mail to arrive as I’m sure our package will be here today.  I’ll be posting a follow up on how Mama made their package eco-friendly as well.   

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One Response to Little People Swap – Package Sent

  1. Susana says:

    This morning, the main attraction is the picture of Bryce.

    Again, thank you so much, so SO VERY much!

    I will be stalking my email inbox until I know your package has arrived too.

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