Delta Airlines, the Government and the Environment

Since my Earth Hour post was so well received (LOL!) I decided to try to show how the airlines are trying to combat some of their negative impacts to the environment.  I should also give you a little more background about myself and my family.  First, I work for a governmental agency developing and implementing their environmental program.  Since it is the government I don’t want to go into too much detail but I honestly feel that in the last 4 years our program has really come a long way.  I am very proud to be a part of it.  If you are interested in reading more about all government agencies and their requirement to comply with environmental regulation and mandates you might like to visit the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive.  Since my program is found in all of the states in the United States and in their territories my team and I are required to travel to most locations annually to ensure that each facility is in compliance and to provide education and assistance with implementing our programs. 

Part two, Delta Airlines.  My husband has been an employee at Delta for many years now and I have seen many improvements and achievements with the companies environmental program over the years.  Recently they have added in-flight recycling to some of their hub locations; and are working on expanding this program nationwide.  All cans, bottles, plastic cups and newspapers are included in their recycling program.  I had heard about their carbon offset program where for under $11 you can purchase carbon offsets when you purchase your ticket online.  For Earth Day 2008 Delta will be matching all contributions to the Conservation Fund (program that receives the funds from the carbon offset) up to $10,000.  The Conservation Fund will in turn plant trees and restore habitat for wildlife in protected parks and wildlife refuges.  Delta is the first airline to offer carbon offsets and is making great efforts (with our help) to reduce our impact on the environment.  I really suggest that you go read more about Delta’s environmental program because I couldn’t possible have the time to mention it all here.

In closing I wanted to show you that just because I travel by airplane doesn’t mean that I am a bad environmental steward.  Just the opposite; by implementing the programs for my agency we have greatly reduced our environmental footprint.  Also, the airlines are trying to compensate for their impact with initiatives such as Delta’s carbon offset program.  This just goes to show that even baby steps to turning green are better than no steps at all. 

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2 Responses to Delta Airlines, the Government and the Environment

  1. Susana says:

    Great post. Yeah to Delta!

  2. jeneflower says:

    I did feel kind of guilty for flying (I planned a trip to Japan before choosing to green my life) but I also think that it is important to see other parts of the world. How can we truly have a global perspective if we never leave our little corner of the world? I think carbon offsetting is a good idea. I also think we should think carefully before flying and make sure it is worth it.

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