Think Outside the Bottle

So I normally stay away from stuff like this but I feel this one is justifiable.  Visit my Think Outside the Bottle campaign advocacy page and take the pledge.  I’ve mentioned before how bad plastic bottles are on the environment and I have made a personal pledge to reduce the amount of plastic I consume in my life.  I’m not perfect and I consume plastic but I am trying to make a change.  I also think that it is important for the big industries out there (Coke, Pepsi and others) to disclose where their water comes from.  If they truely are taking water from the tap we as consumers should know that.  I know I personally don’t have a preference of tap over bottle, I can’t tell a difference.  I do try to take a bottle of water with me when I go out; especially living in Florida where it is hot all year long.  I also try to take a refillable bottle instead of buying plastic bottles of water at the store.  They are a convenience item and I don’t see them going away all together but we should limit our consumption and be smart consumers and cautious of our environmental impact.  So please, visit the Think Outside the Bottle campaign and make a pledge to help the cause.  If you do consume plastic bottles please be sure to recycle them when they are empty!

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