What Do I Do With…?

If you are anything like me you have a garage, closet or attic full of stuff that you don’t want anymore.  But what do you do with all that stuff?  My friend was going through her house this week doing some spring cleaning and asked me what she should do with it all.  So here are my environmental ideas on how to get rid of things you don’t want anymore. 

  1. If it’s really trash let it go.  This one is hard for me but sometimes it needs to happen.  However, remember that somethings can be recycled. 
  2. Have a garage sale.  Don’t forget that one mans trash is another mans treasure. 
  3. Buy a booth at your local flea market to sell what you have.
  4. Ebay…again another option to make a little money on your stuff.
  5. Craigs List.  You can sell or give away on Craigs List.
  6. Donate, Donate, Donate.  This is the easiest of all options because you drop it off and let someone else decide what to do with it.  You also get a tax break for donating items. 
  7. Hand-Me-Downs.  Don’t forget your friends, neighbors, and family when you are getting rid of things.  This is especially helpful if you have childrens clothes; however as I found out today I am never too old for a few hand-me-downs.  And…as a grown up the hand-me-downs are sometimes brand new!  LOL!
  8. Hold a swap shop with friends and family once a year (or more often).
  9. Consignment stores.

I didn’t realize until I started making this list how many options there really were to get rid of things you don’t need.  Next time you decide to do a little spring cleaning remember that not everything needs to be trashed; one mans trash really is another mans treasure. 

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One Response to What Do I Do With…?

  1. jeanietee says:

    I got rid of a bunch of stuff a couple of months back on freecycle.org…furniture, exercise equipment, and some old computers and printers. Saved me a trip to the city recycle center and gets it into the hands of someone who can use it.

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